Our Commitments

Echoed in our products, the values ​​- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Eliminate – are priorities for our company. Besides complying with all legislative obligations, we prioritise the environment, putting into practice sustainable initiatives that aim to protect our planet

Elimination of plastic.

In the global fight against plastic, ever since 2016, BeStitch has designed and made available to all its customers ecological packaging, free of plastic.
Using the same fabric as the products, elegant and differentiated, the waste from the cutting of the pieces themselves is often used in its manufacturing.

Cardboard reuse.

Aiming at reducing deforestation, the company works with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers, ensuring that our raw material comes from well-managed forests, which offer environmental, social and economic benefits.

Recycling of used water.

Water, an essential resource for our industrial activity, is unfortunately a finite resource. Our efforts have enabled us to reuse 26.18% of the water captured last year, amounting to 76,643 tons of water.
At the end of the production process, the effluent is neutralized and oxygenated, and subsequently sent to a water treatment plant certified by the Portuguese state.

Waste reuse.

Safely eliminating the waste produced mitigates the many problems that the environment faces.
In addition to the training given to our employees, that is the reason our waste is properly separated in a specific area for the purpose, being subsequently collected by companies certified in its reuse / disposal.

Chemical safety.

BeStitch is naturally involved in the elimination of chemicals in its supply chain, using the least harmful chemicals in its entire production process, following international standards.
Stored in special containers in the robotic kitchen, which automatically doses them for the production process, we use all the individual protection equipment in their handling.

Reduction of energy consumption.

Energy conservation effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to allowing us to proudly and actively participate in global reforestation.

Pursuing this objective, BeStitch has gradually been taking initiatives in order to effectively reduce its environmental footprint:

– Replacement of all conventional lighting with L.E.D. lamps, resulting in effective energy savings of one third of the previous consumption.

– Installation of 2,238 units of solar panels, corresponding to 21% of the company’s energy needs and resulting in a reduction of 19,000 kg of CO2 in the emissions to the atmosphere per year. This reduction corresponds to the plantation of 254 trees, annually.

– Replacement of the natural gas boiler by a biomass boiler, which uses natural residues, such as palm oil bark and the chips from cleaning our forests, resulting in an effective saving of 35% of the consumption.

RSE policies.

BeStitch takes up its social responsibility, participating and promoting responsible principles and practices in society, which favour social progress.

Partnerships with charities, the encouragement of blood donation, the sponsorship of cultural associations, the collaboration with universities, among other initiatives, reflect our ethics ​​and comprise the mitigation of possible negative social impacts arising from our activity.