Our Philosophy


Based on a simple philosophy, BeStitch differs in the attitude it expresses in all contexts of your home, offering products to meet every room in your home: the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen. People are at the forefront of our thoughts and we therefore include home wear. Innovating, carefully searching for different concepts that we apply in the way we work, we seek to add character to the final product.


All of our articles are made with the purest of materials … natural fibres with unique structures, like hemp, wool, silk, cotton and bamboo, being within the base of our raw materials. With them, we produce textiles that are easy to combine, coordinate and use and that add value and elegance to you and your home.


Still, Linen is our true passion!

Material of excellence, considered the noble organic material in the world, linen reflects our company in the premium segment of the home and inwear lines. Aptly elaborated, transformed with colours and embroidered with details, it ages gracefully, becoming more beautiful and pleasant with usage.

Within this spirit we create our collections and take them to you.